Bringing The Multicultural Perspective Of Latinos To Washington With Fellow Top Influencers #LATISM

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As I head to Washington, DC today along with fellow Latino influencers I am overcome by a great sense of pride and responsibility. Bringing the multicultural perspective of Latinos in the United States to the nation’s capitol is not only humbling but of the utmost importance to me as and individual and to Latinos as a whole as well. the-multicultural-perspective-of-latinos

There are many issues that affect our community, and for those of us who have the opportunity to be heard, it is our duty to represent and speak up for all of those who can’t do so for themselves.

At a personal level, this year represents the fourth consecutive year that I have been chosen as a Top Latina Blogger or Top Latina Influencer, a recognition that I am grateful for, but also that has given me purpose and a passion to use social media for social good.

There is a lot that can be said about feeling you have the power to be heard and knowing you can make a difference; being a part of this year’s influencers bringing the multicultural perspective of Latinos to lawmakers it’s particularly sweet. That’s why I’m a supporter of the work Latinos In Tech Innovation And Social Media (LATISM) is doing to push our community forward.

The Multicultural Perspective of Latinos at LATISM

The focus of this year’s annual conference objective of moving Latinos to drive the innovation economy includes a very special event that will impact our community for the future: The National Latino Youth Summit, first of its kind, is providing the opportunity to young Latinos who are high achieving students focused in science, technology, engineering, arts or math (STEAM).

If you are in the DC area, I want to invite you to participate and engage in this important event which core values are tied to the most important needs our community has. In case you are far from Washington and cannot be physically present, I encourage you to engage in the conversations we’ll be having online via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Periscope and get involved in using social media for social good.

For me bringing the multicultural perspective of Latinos to the nation’s capitol is a step forward and one that I’m very invested on as I dream of an all-around multicultural US society in which we strengthen one another and Latinos are recognized for their achievements.

Come, join us, be one of the crazy ones. Get loud and speak your mind about the issues that matter. Let’s show our potential and civic engagement and let’s continue to lift one another to achieve common goals.

Let’s do this, wepa!



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