Teaching My Daughter A Lesson On Courage Through Malala Yousafzai Story

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Ever since my daughter was born 8 years ago I have been determined to raise her with the values of respect and inclusion, so she can connect with other human beings at a level that is not possible if we don’t see everyone as our equal. Living this way requires us to be brave; that’s why I jumped at the opportunity to teach her a lesson on courage from a real story about a real girl using the book Warrior With Words about Malala Yousafzai, who impersonates this quality at its best.

From a very early age, my daughter has been cautious -even fearful at times- of many different things, some of them were common and not scary. Teaching her a lesson on courage is something that is part of our everyday lives. Encouraging her to jump in the pool, climb a wall or simply to stand in front of the family to sing or perform. I’ve come to understand that she needs to be brave to do things that come easy to other kids, and that’s okay.

However, there is another lesson on courage I must teach her so once she has grown out of common fears, she can have the tools to stand on principle and be courageous in the face of injustice and challenges. The story of Malala is a great example for little girls all over the world about the power of courage and determination not only to change our lives but to be change makers for the things they believe in.

A Lesson On Courage Through Malala’ Story

Since my daughter is in 3rd grade, I asked her to read the book for her reading assignment for the week. On a different day, I asked her to read the book again but this time out loud so I could listen to her read, and for us to discuss the story afterward. When I asked her what she learned from the book, the first thing she said was “that if you stand up, you can make a difference”.

I love that she captured the main lesson on courage that Malala story teaches us all. After my daughter read it, I read the story back to her and explained terms she didn’t understand. We talked about the graphics, that for her at 8, were too abstract to understand. I explained the images to her and she then understood.

Warrior with Words was definitely a good addition to our book selection here at home; it helped me teach my girl about the kind of courage you need to change the world. It is a great rendering of Malala Yousafzai inspiring story; a nonfiction picture book that can reach young children in a way they can understand.

It tells the story of the young Pakistani girl who stood up to speak out about the right to education of every single child in the world. Although a Taliban gunman tried to make her a victim by inflicting a life-threatening injury, this only highlighted her courage and empowered her to stand up taller and continue to advocate for those who have no voice. That’s why she is a warrior with words an such a great example of courage and determination.

If you want to share Malala’s story with your children, this book is a way to do so. Also, I invite you to read other reviews from other diverse books through this year’s Multicultural Children’s Book Day. See all the details below.

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