Taking Flight Like A Butterfly: A Year Of Transformation #TheYearOf40

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I agree with the saying that hindsight is 20/20, and looking back at the last year has proven this old proverb. The 12 months leading up to my turning the big four-o have been a period of transformation, of coming out of a cocoon of sorts to embrace what’s to come. May of 2016 found me with a new sense of purpose, creating, focusing on my health and my top priorities.

For me, turning 39, meant that I could correct-course on the things that were holding me back. It felt like I had permission to begin again. While many see turning 40 as a foretold doomsday, a point where it all starts going downhill, getting to 39 and closer to 40 was a much more hopeful time in my life: a year of transformation that showed me the importance of resilience.

That’s why the title of this post is taking flight like a butterfly. I not only love butterflies because of their beauty but also because of the symbolism they hold as beings that go through a transformation, from having a level of awareness just on the surface, then undergoing a process that leads to a whole new capacity and perception and ends up producing something beautiful. That’s what 39 was for me, a platform from where I get to take flight and follow what makes me happy.

I experienced many milestones in the last 12 months, some big and some small. I’m grateful for each one of them. They allowed me to get in touch with my inner self, to seek to be a bit spiritual (I have always considered myself a pragmatic) and opening myself to the knowledge I used to refuse to even expose myself to. A year of transformation, indeed!

A Year Of Transformation:
12 Milestones That Made It Special

As I reached the end of this series it became clear that 2016 was a year of transformation on many levels. This doesn’t mean it was the only year of my life thus far in which I have changed and evolved, but a recognition that I matured and became more of an adult. It is also the understanding that we are always able to grow, evolve and transform. That being said, I wanted to end the series by listing milestones, moments, and things that made last year special, and that shaped my transformation.

12 milestones in no particular order…

  1. Enjoyed Sunday suppers with the family in our patio
  2. Went to social media conferences that uplifted and inspired me
  3. Started to exercise consistently and made a commitment to my health
  4. Launched my children’s book at the Dominican Republic’s National Book Fair
  5. Changed my mindset in regards to my finances and started to pay off debt
  6. Got nominated for my original blog “La Familia Cool”
  7. Had the first family reunion in years with my dad and siblings
  8. Tried meditation and positive affirmations
  9. My book was recognized with honorable mentions
  10. Traveled with my kids to see family and friends
  11. Made a conscious effort to be present with my kids and family
  12. Worked on being the person I want to be and opened myself to growth


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