Taking Flight Like A Butterfly: A Year Of Transformation #TheYearOf40

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I agree with the saying that hindsight is 20/20, and looking back at the last year has proven this old proverb. The 12 months leading […]

Moving Out, Moving On And Rebuilding Life At 38 #TheYearOf40

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As women, we often don’t know our own resilience and strength until is tested. Moreover, it is even difficult to identify it while demonstrating such […]

Having Another Boy: Starting A Journey Towards Self-Discovery, Healing & Joy #TheYearOf40

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Ever since I was a teenager there were two things I knew for sure: I wanted to be a mother and have three children. What […]

A Love Foretold: Seeing My Grandma’s Legacy Through My Newborn Daughter’s Eyes #TheYearOf40

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The year 2009 was, by far, one of the best years of my life as I experienced for the first time what it means to […]