Cross-Cultural Friendships, Community And Wisdom At The Families In Global Transition Conference In The Netherlands

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When it comes to making cross-cultural friendships I had never experienced a more welcoming environment than the one at the Families in Global Transition Conference […]

21 Ways To Praise A Child To Nurture Confidence And Kindness

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Praising children tends to be a hot topic because with the change of times our understanding of it as a society has changed. Although I’m […]

Diversity Is Good For The Bottom Line: What Businesses Can Do To Overcome Barriers

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When people ask for examples of success in diversity I automatically think of the business field because of the benefits and proven success documented in […]

5 Reasons Why I Care About US-Born Latinos And You Should Too

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As many of you know, I’m a Dominican immigrant to the United States where I’ve lived for the last thirteen years. While I truly believe […]