Spanish Language Resources: 9 Online Tools To Boost Bilingualism At Home

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New school year. New milestones. New learning. Want to boost your kids’ bilingualism? Not to worry! I have curated a list of Spanish language resources to help you in supporting the bilingual children you have at home. From rhymes to bilingual books to culturally-relevant videos, there are several different options to keep your little ones entertained and learning all year long.

One of the advantages of raising bilingual in this digital era is having access to a wide range of Spanish language resources we can choose from. The problem for us as busy moms is to determine what are the best options among so many websites and apps currently available and offering what they consider the best Spanish language resources.

Luckily for me, and for you as my readers, my kids’ teachers on the dual-language program they are enrolled in usually give us recommendations at the beginning of the school year. The sites I’ve chosen to share with you are in my opinion the most practical and useful in our everyday lives.

Depending on the needs, the age of the kids and language proficiency, the Spanish language resources provided here give you easy, high-quality access to books, lessons and videos that combined can keep your kids entertained and learning the language in fun, engaging ways. 

9 Spanish Language Resources To Use At Home

Read Conmigo. This is an award-winning bilingual program that helps parents to read to their kids in Spanish or English. This is one of the great Spanish language resources with hundreds of bilingual ebooks that you can download for free. Every year, they also send out a printed book during the summer to families that subscribe to their platform. My new bilingual children’s book, “Sebastian’s Game Day Surprise”, is this year’s printed book. The only thing you have to do is register and enjoy this wonderful platform with your little ones. Register here.

Mundo Lanugo™. Mundo Lanugo is a socially responsible entertainment world that connects kids to the Hispanic culture and promotes the Spanish language while building their identity and self-esteem. Via fun animated videos, a culturally relevant app, and authentic live shows, each Lanugo character presents a facet of Latino culture, such as music, crafts, traditional games, cooking, and storytelling, creating a proven formula to teach culture to children and to awaken their curiosity to learn more about themselves. No registration is necessary.

Spanish Spanish. Although this one is not visually attractive, it provides an easy way to practice and learn Spanish. Their vocabulary section is very useful to learn new words with their proper pronunciation. It gives you the word, a picture, and an audio file that tells you the right pronunciation. A great tool for kids ages 5 and up. It is free to use and it doesn’t require registration.

Story Place. This is the online library of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is a fully bilingual site that offers Spanish language resources and books mostly for preschoolers and rising kindergarteners. If you are local to Charlotte, they have frequent storytimes at the library for you to attend. You need to have adobe flash player available to read the stories. No registration required.

Mundo Primaria. This website is only available in Spanish and it offers a wide range of Spanish language resources like games, short stories, fables, drawings, readings, tongue twisters, jokes, infographics, multiplication tables, and so much more. It is high-quality content for children between the ages of 3 and 12 years old. No registration required. 

Jugar Gratis. As stated in the name, this site has free games in Spanish for kids to play. You need to register to access the games, but it is worth it if your little ones like online videos and you want them to practice their Spanish language skills. You’ll find free engaging games for a lot of action, math, fashion, puzzles, and much more.

1, 2, 3 Teach Me. This is a global platform and it provides plenty of Spanish language resources for both children and adults. It is one of the largest websites in the world for learning Spanish. In their kids’ category, they have interactive games for younger kids, flashcards and vocabulary, quizzes, music videos, numbers, the alphabet, the colors, worksheets, and much more. They have a free version and also a paid premium version with more content and lessons. You can register here for free to get access. 

Mil Cuentos. This is another one simple website that doesn’t really sell you for its looks. However, they have a lot of short stories that your kids can enjoy with audio of children who are native Spanish speaker reading them. The illustrations of these stories are made by kids, which can encourage your own children to create and illustrate stories. No registration needed and very easy to use.

Spanish Town. Last but not least, this page has a wide variety of Spanish language resources for children and adult beginners. They have free downloadable word find, crossword puzzles, and matching activities. Also, basic lessons with vocabulary, grammar, greetings, shapes, colors, and numbers up to 10. There is no registration necessary for this site.


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