Proud To Be A Latina Change Agent And Speaker For #LATISM16

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Five years ago, I was thrilled to have been invited by LATISM to the first Top Latina Blogger Retreat that selected a group of Latina bloggers to go to the White House and advocate for the issues that we cared the most about. Since then, the organization has partnered with influencers to ignite the changes we need in the community. That’s why I’m very proud to have been chosen as a Latina Change Agent and to be speaking at the Latinos In Social Media Annual Conference.proud-to-be-a-latina-change-agent-and-speaker

We are living at a crucial time in the history of the United States, a period in which we are seeing many changes in terms of population demographic, as well as within the political and financial structures. American Latinos are at the forefront of many of these changes, as we can see from a multicultural  and a financial perspective.

As a multiculturalism, diversity and inclusion expert and advocate whose mission is to raise cultural awareness to create social change, to me, being a Latina change agent is not only imperative, but also it is the core of the work I do and my commitment to create awareness about the contributions of American Latinos to the United States and to tell our stories to help the young generations have a strong sense of identity and self-worth.

Through my mission, I’m able to guide parents and children understand and embrace multiculturalism and diversity as a way of creating a peaceful and harmonious society without having to give up their own cultural values and heritage. This year’s LATISM theme ‘Latinos As Change Agents’ serves as the perfect platform to amplify my message among Latinos and non-Latinos alike.


American Latinos & Their Role in Multicultural America Panel

One of the ways in which I’m honoring this year’s theme and continuing my work as a Latina change agent, is through the panel I put together to discuss the role of American Latinos within multicultural America. I’m fortunate enough to be able to share the stage with Juan Alanis of Juan of Words, Diana Limongi Gabrielle from LadyDeeLG and Elyssa Fernandez from Wholly Art; each of us representing a different Latino demographic and discussing a different perspective on this topic.

For many, it is evident that American Latinos are leading the multicultural revolution not only in terms of numeric growth but also with the impact we are having in all areas of society. I believe it is time that as a community we all commit to creating the positive changes we need to ensure that we continue to grow in strength by having more opportunities in diversity and inclusion, education, business, technology, health, civic engagement, and policy. That’s what LATISM is about and this year’s conference is reinforcing that commitment with its annual conference.

For me, as a panelist and a Latina change agent, it presents an opportunity to not only raise awareness about the issues that American Latinos are facing, but also to provide tools that people can apply to their daily lives in order to generate the changes we want to see, the changes we need to move forward as a community and therefore contribute to the advancement of the United States.

5 Ways You Can Be A Latina Change Agent As A Mom

If you are passionate about multiculturalism, diversity and inclusion like me, you might be wondering how can you act as a Latina change agent that further causes within those areas. You might be thinking that this requires you to have a degree or professional experience. I’m here to tell you, you don’t. Moreover, you are probably doing that already or have the opportunity to do so in your own community.

  • Sharing your culture and heritage with your children, and also teaching them about the cultural richness of other communities so they can have a more open view of the world around them.
  • By helping people with disabilities access buildings that don’t provide proper access; and also advocating for those organizations to make changes and create accessibility for those who are disabled.
  • Raising kids for a culture of peace, to learn to solve conflicts through dialogue and understanding that will translate to adults who seek peaceful solutions.
  • Advocating for your child with special needs within the school system. You can take it a step further and help other moms advocate for their kids by creating a support group.
  • By volunteering to teach a skill you have within the community; providing education to others is one of the best ways we can create change in our society.


How Can You Get Involved With LATISM & The Conference 

I couldn’t be more excited for the week of October 18-21 when LATISM16 is happening. From the magical location, the Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, within the Walt Disney World properties, to the amazing program, to the wonderful panelist that will be presenting within the traditional seven tracks: Business, Tech, Civic Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion, Education, Health, and Policy.

That’s why I want to invite you to join us in Orlando as we get together to discuss and find solutions to the many challenges Latinos are facing. To make it easier for you to participate, I have a discount code for you to purchase an all-access pass to attend the conference. Just click here and use the code “INFLUENCER16” to get a 30% discount of the regular ticket price.

Another awesome thing happening during the 3-day event is the S.T.E.A.M Fair for American Latino kids from grades 5 t0 12 to present their projects within the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math. If you have a child with an awesome project to showcase, please click on this link to submit an application on behalf of your child.

Before the conference in October, you can still join LATISM during the weekly Twitter chats, every Thursday at 9PM, where we talk about important topics that relate to American Latinos.


See you soon in social media & see you in October in Orlando!


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  1. 1
    Myrah Duque

    Latism is an event I look forward to every year. It is MY event, with MY people. I enjoy the fact that t’s all about us Latinos in making our mark, topics we all relate to. It’s an event dedicated to Latinos across all fields who are making an impact on the world and leaving their marks for future generations. This year it will be even be more magical!

  2. 2
    Elayna Fernandez

    I love your list on how you can be a Latina Change Agent as a mom. I think it’s easy to underestimate what a great difference ANY person can make with very little involvement.
    Congratulations on being recognized year after year. You are a source of pride for the Hispanic and Latin@ communities in the USA, so it is not a surprise to me that you are consistently selected as a top influencer.
    I am also thankful that Elyssa is going to be part of this panel on Multiculturalism. I am learning so much from you in this area and even more excited that this will be my first time seeing you in action as the gifted speaker that you are. Thank you for your commitment to helping us all embrace diversity and create positive change!

  3. 3
    Karina Fernandez

    Congratulations. I am so proud of you. Love your 5 points. Hope to see you and the rest of the gang in October.

  4. 4
    Maritere (Mari) R. Bellas

    I have never been to LATISM but hope to go maybe next year! Being so passionate about raising bicultural children, I am excited at the topic of your panel and wish I could be there to cheer all of you on! Thanks for sharing the the 5 ways in which all the moms can be a Latina Change Agent! It is so important for all parents to understand that we all play a role and we all can make our children appreciate and embrace diversity! Thank you for all you do!

  5. 5

    Good job. You are on the right track. Thank You!
    Mother of 3. Ages 27 to 23. And yes. With more than one Spanish speaking country in their lives. The three of them embrace today international endeavors. And yes…no doubt we continue to be change agents.
    Expose them to other countries. College semesters. High school exchanges, whatever. Movies. Festivals.
    Bilingual (oral and written) and multicultural skills is one of their biggest advantages regardless of the fields they chose.
    When they were very young growing up in Pennsylvania, teachers were surprised about how fast they could switch languages and topics. Not easy. But doable.


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