My Word of the Year 2020

I’ve chosen my word of the year 2020… Did you choose yours?

It’s officially the first Monday of the year 2020 as the clock hand marks a few minutes after midnight. I’m sitting in the living room looking at the Three Kings gifts my kids are getting for Día de Reyes in the morning and finally settled after our trip to the Dominican Republic to write about my word of the year 2020. I have been thinking and pondering about my intentions for this new 12-month cycle and what action word can keep me on track with what I want to accomplish.

As 2019 faded away, I spent time reflecting on how last year’s word shaped my actions throughout the year and how it served as a reminder in different moments and situations. This is my fourth year choosing a word of the year and I have seen how each year it has impacted my decisions and actions in a positive manner. Choosing a word of the year is a good practice if you are not one to write New Year’s resolutions but would love to give an action word to set your intentions for the New Year.

Last year I wrote about choosing a word of the year that supports your life as a multicultural mom. For 2020 I’ve learned from fellow blogger Sili Recio that it is good to also choose three anchor words that tie back your intention and support your word. This will be a first for me, but I think it’s a great idea to have the anchor words to add depth to what you want to achieve.

My Word of the Year 2020 Is FOCUS

Looking back at my 2019 there are many things I accomplished and I kept a hectic calendar from beginning to end. Although productive, this also led me to derail in some important aspects I wanted to tackle but didn’t due to having many open fronts. That’s why my word for 2020 is FOCUS.

My intention is to focus on my goals as a multicultural mom, professional and as an individual: concentrating on building my community of moms, studying and reading more to increase my knowledge and striving to be healthier and leaner than I have been in the last decade. All of these need my focus.

As per the Merriam-Webster dictionary, this word is both a noun and a verb:

As a noun, the word FOCUS has four definitions that are aligned with what I want to achieve this year:

1: a center of activity, attraction, or attention

2: a point of concentration

3: directed attention: EMPHASIS

4: a state or condition permitting clear perception or understanding

As a verb, the word FOCUS has five definitions that align with what I want to achieve for 2020:

Transitive form

1: to cause to be concentrated

2: to bring into focus

3: to bring (something) to a focus: CONCENTRATE

Intransitive form

1: to concentrate attention or effort (to focus on the most pressing needs)

2: to come to a focus: CONVERGE

As per the new addition to my word of the year practice (following the advice of my blogger friend Sili) I’ve also chosen 3 anchor words that will support my efforts in focusing on what’s important. I chose these words because of what they mean and how I need each of those things to stay focus and achieve my goals.

The word focus will support my efforts to be more focused on concrete goals I’ve put on the back burner.

  • I will focus on my health and fitness to become the strongest I can become. 
  • I will focus on my studies and research to increase my knowledge and improve my professional expertise while building a base for my professional future.
  • I will focus on my multicultural community locally and online.
  • I will continue to focus on my children and my family to support their wellbeing in all areas of their lives.
  • I will focus on my family’s financial goals and fulfill our plan for the year.

My 3 anchor words are:

Plan: A method for achieving an end; a detailed formulation of a program of action. An often customary method of doing something, a procedure. 

Strive: To devote serious effort or energy, to endeavor. To put determined effort into a goal.

Fulfill: To put into effect, to execute. To meet the requirements and/or to measure up and satisfy. To bring to an end. To develop the full potentialities; to convert into reality. To make full.

I’m excited about what this year will bring and confident my word of the year 2020 will guide my intentions and keep them on track. 

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