American Latinos’ Resolutions For A New Year Of Advocacy, Empowerment And Inspiration

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This post about American Latinos’ resolutions is part of a compensated campaign in collaboration with AT&T and #WeAllGrow Latina Network.
All opinions and ideas are mine alone and were not edited by any third party.

It’s the New Year! Inevitably, it is a time of excitement about the potential that the next 362 (yes, we’re 3 days in already!) provide. But it is also a time to plan and set goals for what we want to achieve in this new cycle, not only for ourselves but for our communities. Looking back at the year that just ended, I believe we are all clear on the importance of New Year’s resolutions for Latinos to empower, inspire and advocate in this 2018.

Because most New Year’s resolutions are forgotten before the winter is over, and that’s talking about resolutions we make for ourselves as individuals, I thought about the ways we can contribute in our community’s efforts in a consistent manner all year long. The answer for me, of course, was using technology. Particularly using social media for social change is one of the many ways the use of technology can improve our lives and that of others.

Although I have been an influencer going on 10 years now and my platform and brand changed over the years, I experienced firsthand the impact technology can have to support our common goals very early in this journey. In 2012, when my second blog La Familia Cool had been live only a year and a half, I was invited with a group of more than 50 Latina bloggers to participate in the first-ever Top Latina Blogger Retreat that included our participation on an exclusive briefing at the White House.

That was an incredible experience on a personal level, but more than that, it demonstrated the power technology has to make an impact at a community level as well. Being a novice blogger at the time I still had an opportunity to learn, be empowered and also have my voice heard at the White House. As it turns out, I’m not alone in my experience with technology as many Latinos see it as an important tool.

This picture was taken after the hearing at the White House in may 2012; one of the many places where technology has taken me.

Last year, AT&T conducted a research study to explore the role of technology in American Latinos’ pursuit of our goals and aspirations and discovered that 68% believe technology is key to the empowerment of the Latino community in the U.S. I agree with that 68% and that’s why I wanted to focus on Latinos resolutions that can have an impact through social media; that way we can continue to use our smartphones to do good.

I love that AT&T is fueling this conversation about how people can use technology and mobility for the greater good, and more specifically how we, as Latinos, can harness the power of technology for our advancement as a community and in our individual endeavors.

5 American Latinos’ Resolutions To Advocate, Empower And Inspire

  1. Being each other’s keepers. With the current environment, we are living in, one way we can empower one another is by showing up for one another. Getting involved with organizations that help the community locally and standing up for those who are most vulnerable.
  2. Raising our voices. To me, Latinos resolutions are about our commitment to be change agents and technology gives us the opportunity to do that. Through social media, we can take charge and support the causes that Latinos are most in need of. Spreading the messages via social networks and sending text messages to support campaigns are great ways to take advantage of technology for the greater good.
  3. Getting our kids into STEM. Although there are a few organizations focusing on getting Latino kids into STEM, we need a bigger effort to increase the number of children learning and taking an interest in the field of STEM. Supporting your local programs, finding out which ones offer discounts and/or scholarships for minority children.
  4. Stay connected. Thinking about connectivity when it comes to Latinos resolutions might seem redundant, as we are already very connected. In fact, in the study, 77% say technology plays a big role in keeping socially and culturally connected. However, this new year’s resolution is about staying connected to our goals as a community, to continue to show up throughout the year.
  5. Be inclusive. I saved this one for last because it is one resolution that is of the utmost importance to me, and I believe we need to take seriously as a community. In order for us to move forward, it is crucial that we make an effort to be more inclusive of everyone so we can create a kind of unity that will carry us forward during this year and beyond.
Along with the amazing experiences, technology has also help me stay connected to my culture and make great friendships.

These are the resolutions I hope to see us achieve together during this 2018. I’d love to hear from you, what are your aspirations for our community in this New Year?


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