Head Lice Doesn’t Discriminate: A Former Piojosa’s Quest To Keep Lice Away From Her Family

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I’m frantically scratching my head as I write this post because thinking, remembering, talking and writing about head lice has that effect on me. It must be a childhood trauma because I used to have what they call in the Dominican Republic ‘la sangre dulce’, which meant that apparently head lice favored my scalp over that of others because I tasted better. Yes, I’m the aforementioned piojosa.

While back then I hadn’t developed my curls and people used to say my straight hair was fertile territory for head lice; I’ve come to learn that head lice don’t discriminate and can live on anyone’s head, no matter the hair type. I guess, as humans, we have that to learn from the little nasty critters, they treat us all equally. But I digress…

As a kid, I remember spending long hours with my sisters, all of them with curly hair, cleaning each other’s heads from the eggs and the head lice itself. After combing and pulling with our fingernails, we’ll go to the top, wash and comb some more. At times, we’d have hundreds of them on the edge of the top. We’d gathered them and then pop them at the end, we liked the popping sound.

Before the wash-and-pop ritual, we used just about anything we could think of to kill the blood-sucking critters: baking soda, mayonnaise, butter with garlic, olive oil, petroleum jelly, an insecticide called creolina, and even kerosene gas. Now that I’m a mom, I wonder how did we make it alive, yikes!

Let’s Keep Head Lice Away From Our Family Safely

Although I made it this far, I’m not taking risks with my little ones and those barbarian methods of my childhood to get rid of head lice are long behind me. However, from the very first time that I received the dreaded letter from the school informing me that there were head lice in the classroom, I turned to over-the-counter products with some reservation as I don’t like the idea of chemicals on my girls head.

I don’t know if this has happened to you, but as soon as I got that letter, I couldn’t stop scratching and started obsessing with having lice myself. Fortunately, I’ve found just the product I needed to solve this problem in a safe manner: Licefreee is a non-toxic, homeopathic brand that you can purchase over the counter that effectively kills head lice and nits.

With Licefreee you can treat all hair types, including curly hair like mine and all of us here at home. The best part is that the Licefreee remedies are strong enough for adult use, which comes in handy to make sure we are all free from lice. It comes with a comb that helps to remove eggs and lice after the treatment. Licefreee treatments are 100% guaranteed to help you eliminate head lice once and for all.

Contrary to what I thought in the past head lice does not discriminate; it is a reality we must face as moms. It is important to teach our kids that it doesn’t reflect on them and that it doesn’t mean they have poor hygiene. Children get close to their friends and that should never change, they need to be allowed to be loving and carefree. Our job as mothers is to make sure they are healthy, from head to toe.

Did you have head lice as a kid? I would love to know if you used any crazy remedies like we did!

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