Falling In Love, Growing, Learning And Waiting For The Y2K #TheYearOf40

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It was the year 2000, and like any of the previous generations who experienced the end of a century and the beginning of a new one, there was a lot of excitement and fear waiting for the Y2K. Looking back, and 17 years into the new millennium, it makes total sense that the fears for the arrival of this century were technological, not a comet or end-of-the-world natural event, but a tech catastrophe instead.
As I turned 23, life was pretty good with a job where I was learning and had awesome friends and starting a new relationship, feeling very much in love. This turned out to be the longest and more established relationship of my youth, and one that truly tested me emotionally and for that very reason it really helped me grow and mature. The period the whole world was waiting for the Y2K, was a time of much personal and professional growth for me, although I was living in the moment and didn’t realize this until much later.

Among the people who were excited and waiting for the Y2K was a friend of a good friend, who couldn’t wait for the arrival of the new millennium. He used to talk about how the future was about to arrive and all the things science fiction had been showing on the screens were about to become reality. Sadly, that young man was killed in a tragic accident and didn’t see the outcome of the Y2K or was able to experience what we’ve seen throughout the years.

Waiting For The Y2K While In Love With Love

Falling in love swept me off my feet and I made many mistakes of the newly infatuated; my life revolved around my beloved though I continue to be active in my career and partying like any 23 years old would do. With time though, while others feared the worst computer catastrophe in our history as they waited for the Y2K, I grew closer to my boyfriend and could feel how those feelings started to consume me. In hindsight, I recognize I was in love with love and that lead me to depths of emotions I didn’t know were possible.

At the age of 23 life was full of possibilities, as it does today at age 40. However, the possibilities I could envision had nothing to do with how my life would unfold. I love to look back, though, because it is a testament to how we can stir our lives in the way we want. It is also for my children to know that they should live life with gusto and envision, knowing that there is also room for evolving and changing course if that’s what we want.

The year 2000 was an interesting one for me, full of new experiences, learning and growing. It was a happy one and, as everything else in my life to that point, it had an impact on the woman I would become.

Were you waiting for the Y2K? How old were you in the year 2000?


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