Celebrating Diversity In Motherhood & The Motivated Moms Achieving Work-Life Balance

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This story about celebrating diversity in motherhood is a recap of my participation in The Motivated Mom Tour in Atlanta. I am part of the Motivated Mom Influencer Team and they provided me with compensation for the event coverage. However, all opinions are mine alone. #MotivatedMom #PruEmpowersMoms #HiltonCelebrates #CokeGivesBackNA

It’s been a week since I was on the road on my way to speak at The Motivated Mom Tour in Atlanta. This week has flown by, and as usual, so much has happened during these few days: celebrating both my oldest son and my husband’s birthday, doctor’s appointments, a networking event, work delivered, and so on. I love celebrating diversity in motherhood and the event was a true celebration of our differences as we discussed mothering in our very own ways and unique circumstances.

The beauty of celebrating diversity in motherhood is to recognize that no matter how different our life experiences, we are all consistently juggling our roles as mothers with everything else in our lives. We all can relate to what sometimes can be a struggle, the search for the somewhat elusive work-life balance. At the conference, however, I feel we were all motivated moms achieving exactly that as we managed to attend an event that was empowering to our business pursuits while also reinforcing the importance of being extraordinary moms.

One of the ways The Motivated Mom Tour was celebrating diversity in motherhood was by providing insight and tools for diversity entrepreneurs. After founder and host Latoyia Dennis welcomed us with her opening remarks, she introduced the first presenter of the day, Eyvon Austin who is the Global Supplier Diversity for the Coca Cola Company and talked to us about their programs to work with diversity vendors. She highlighted the ‘Coca-Cola 5by20’ program and provided a lot of insight on best practices for small businesses wanting to partner with big companies.

Then we heard Michele Thornton from Stratechic talk to us about strategy and the importance of showing up ready. She shared her story with us and reinforced all the important qualities in business and in life that require zero talent, such as integrity, kindness, persistence, among others. She gave us what she called the equation for success: having a goal, dedicating time to it, seeking expert help and knowing your story.

A great formula that I will definitely continue to put into practice, as I know first hand how important each of those items in the formula are. For me, working with a great coach who is also a mom and understands my needs as a mompreneur has been a game changer, so seeking expert help it’s sound advice we all can benefit from.

Celebrating Diversity In Motherhood With Extraordinary Moms

The Motivated Mom Tour in Atlanta provided me the amazing opportunity to be on a panel with women who have committed to their calling and are helping many along the way. I believe that in this panel we were celebrating diversity in motherhood not only because of different ethnicities and backgrounds, but because we all had arrived at motherhood in a different way. We had bonus moms, step moms, aunts who serve as moms, friends as moms, grandmas as moms, and moms who gave birth to their children but also have experienced motherhood in different ways. All of us, no matter all of the differences, are committed to be extraordinary for our kids.

During the panel discussion we had after lunch, I was asked about being a motivated mom and an extraordinary mom at that. I shared how my grandmother, with little schooling, was the best mom I could ever have, and shared with the audience that to me an extraordinary mom is an ordinary woman that it’s willing to do extraordinary things for her children. I strongly believe this to be true for all mothers not despite the diversity among us, but because of the diversity that exists among all of us and the same vision and mission we shared for our kids.

Celebrating diversity in motherhood also includes our efforts to succeed as entrepreneurs, recognizing the unique challenges mothers of color face on their way to success. Motivated moms, such as those who were present with us in Atlanta, do their best to support their children while not forgetting about their goals and dreams. That’s where the subject of work-life balance comes into play as many times we feel that’s an unattainable aspiration.

As mothers, we all know it’s not easy to juggle everything we do as family women who are also professional women, but we are proof that it can be done! Our friends from Prudential know how important is for mothers, and women in general, to succeed in business without neglecting their lives and priorities in the different roles they have, so they encourage us to seek balance, not as a perfect thing that some are lucky to have, but as something that works for each mom and her particular circumstances. There are a few tips they share on their corporate website and two of them particularly resonated with me:

They recommend that you manage expectations at home and I couldn’t agree more. Talking with your family, including your children no matter how young they are, it’s crucial for you to be able to fulfill your commitments as an entrepreneur without feeling guilt because you are away from the family. When everyone knows what you are doing and when you will be back and spend time with them, it is easier for everyone to be an ally and support you.

Another very important tip they shared was to find dependable, trustworthy childcare. Personally, I have the privilege of having my mother to take care of my children and that gives me peace of mind when I travel for speaking engagements and conferences. I know that my kids are taken care of and that my husband has support in my absence. You might not have a family member, but you can research and build relationships with caregivers, daycare centers, babysitters or after-school programs.

These will be part of your support system and will definitely make you feel more balanced in your day to day. There are other great tips on their website  and I invite you to go check them out and share with fellow moms who are in the business world.

Celebrating diversity in motherhood is the best way to meet and network with great women that are also extraordinary moms. I’m glad and grateful that I had the honor to meet Latoyia Dennis, whose vision to empower women to be extraordinary moms has already impact so many diverse moms all over the US. Also grateful to the sponsors that make the event possible: Prudential, Coca Cola, Hilton Hotels, BETher, Black Enterprise, Cantu and RBRW.

There are more stops in the tour coming up and I strongly recommend you get your tickets and attend. It is a transformational experience and a great opportunity to celebrate and learn from one another.



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