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‘La Familia Cool: El tesoro más valioso / The most valuable treasure’ is the first bilingual picture book by Dania Santana, and talks about celebrating diversity, family values and identity within a Latino family.

The book tells the story of two cousins, who refuse to go to school to the surprise of their moms. Excited by the promise of seeing a family treasure, the kids agree to go to school. Later, they are thrilled to go on the journey of the most valuable treasure and your children will be too!

The Most Valuable treasure is a sweet story to read aloud for kids 6 to 9 years old. It is a great tool in the classroom to talk about heritage, cultural diversity, fitting in, preventing bullying and much more. 

With this book, parents will…

Help kids deal with lack of self-esteem

Read in tandem to support bilingualism

Talk to children who look different within a family unit

Teach about the beauty of diversity at an early age

Use the book as a tool to open conversations about racial differences


With this book, kids 5-9 will…

Practice both English and Spanish

Be encouraged to open up about being bullied

Develop a better understanding of multiculturalism

Learn to appreciate family love and unity while learning to understand a metaphor

Feel empowered by seeing mixed-heritage characters that they can relate to

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Here is what people have to say about
‘The Most Valuable Treasure / El Tesoro Más Valioso’


 “As a homeschooling Latina mom who is married to a non-Latino, I loved that my kids could totally relate to this story. My two dark-haired, olive-skinned kids look so different from their blonde, blue-eyed dad and all of their cousins on his side of the family. I very much appreciated how this sweet story helps kids appreciate – and even celebrate – diversity within their own families. This book works well with lessons and unit studies of cultural diversity, heritage, fitting in, bullies, and so much more. If you are looking for a book that helps young children understand diversity (both within their families and around the world), this is a must read!” ~Mónica, homeschooling mom

“La Familia Cool: El Tesoro Mas Valioso / The Most Valuable Treasure approaches the subject of diversity and pride in our cultural heritage from a child’s point of view as Abi and Tony Cool are faced with questions about being different at school. Miami Cool teaches the children to embrace those things that make them different and to give more importance to the similarities that they share with others. It’s a book that goes beyond talking about acceptance and diversity and focuses on love at the same time that in helps Latino children take pride in their heritage and their roots. This is a great book to read together as a family and to spark those conversations that will open up opportunities to discuss differences and highlight similarities. The book is also easy enough for children to read on their own and it’s a story that many children will relate to. I love that it’s written in Spanish and English which makes it a great resource for bilingual children and children who are learning Spanish. This book is an invaluable resources to help children understand the concept of diversity in a natural way and would be perfect to read at home or to include in the classroom library.” ~PaulaB, mom raising bilingual children

“This book is a must read! It is a great resource to teach our children to embrace diversity and to celebrate it! The story is engaging, fun and very sweet. I highly recommend this book!” ~Linda, mom of mixed heritage children

“As a mother of two boys from Dominican decent I was so PROUD to see a book that was created with MY children in mind. It’s not very often that my boys can relate to the characters in the story that we read aloud. It was great the way they related to the characters, the problem and they LOVED the solution. I would definitely recommend this book as a read aloud and a follow up writing activity for children. It’s a perfect way for children to celebrate their differences and unique self. It’s also great to use as conversation starters. Many times children are not so proud of their culture of the way they look due to bullying. This book really takes the time to allow children to figure out that it really is okay to be DIFFERENT! You can catch the rest of my review over at” ~Eileen Carter, mom and school teacher

“This book speaks right into my family’s values. Not only because it shows diversity within the family and the community, which is something my kids and I relate to, but it also fosters family unity and a sense of belonging. I loved reading this to my kids and it opened the doors for more discussions that I was glad to have with my children. I would definitely recommend this book to my friends!” ~Maria, mom of 3

“I love this book! La Familia Cool is so cool. I love how it celebrates our differences, family, and the latino heritage. It’s such an important message for all kids. We need children to be proud of where they come from and tolerant of differences. It’s fun and super suited for kids. I hope to see it in all libraries soon.” ~ JulieD, bilingual mom




Ramon Sandoval
La Familia Cool’s Illustrator



Ramón Sandoval is the artist illustrator of the ‘La Familia Cool: El tesoro más valioso/The most valuable treasure’ book, and of all the characters within the La Familia Cool world. Born in Duarte’s province in the Dominican Republic, he has more than 15 years of experience working as an illustrator, cartoonist and infographic artist for newspapers, and national publications in the Dominican Republic.

For children, he has publish works for the Actualidad Escolar 2000 editorial, illustrations and graphics for the book series Pasito a Pasito, Capullito, Renacer, school books for elementary and middle school. He has also work for several advertising agencies and has published his work in national magazines such as Mercado, Estilos and Rumbo.

He was the artist behind the political strip “Cotorreando ” on Ultima Hora newspaper and has worked for over a decade for the Diario Libre newspaper. In the United States he has published for The Latin Post in New York and currently is the illustrator for La Familia Cool.