Amidst Despair, We Must Stand For Justice And Nonviolence For All

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My day started really early with my husband traveling and then a doctor’s appointment. I didn’t have time to watch or read the news. However, right on one of my private Facebook messages, there it was, again: violence. I couldn’t believe what I read. I’ve gone through many feelings all these days, but the anguish of today, the despair, had taken over. Then, I started to think that throughout history, many social changes have been achieved through nonviolence for all.


Today, like yesterday, I truly believe in the Black Lives Matter movement, because it has been demanding in a peaceful way the end of killing innocent African Americans. Before saying anything else today, I want to state that those who have been fighting peacefully for this movement were not represented yesterday in Dallas. The same way the cops who have been involved in these crimes don’t represent all cops, or other white perpetrators don’t represent all white Americans.

So, why is this happening? In my opinion, those of us who believe in non-violence for all haven’t taken enough action, we failed to recognize that this was an issue for all of us to confront, and we were silent for too long. We must take action, peaceful action, to continue to fight injustice.

As I usually do when sadness and anger take over me, today I decided to read and look for wisdom from those who have succeeded in the past in the search for peace. And there it was an answer to the way I was feeling in the face of what is happening, a powerful quote from Mahatma Gandhi:

When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall — think of it, always!”


I think we need to be reminded of this, especially on a day like today. We need to continue to take action against injustice, against violence. When I say we, I mean those of us who are angered by all the killings, including those cops from yesterday.


What Can We Do To Ignite Change?

As a mother, I worry about the future of a country that is turning to violence to express disagreement and respond to social problems. I found myself looking for inspiration, wisdom and things I could do individually to turn things around. I know it is a hard day for that; it is a day in which we feel powerless in the face of so much hatred and confusion.

However, I’m a mom, an advocate for multiculturalism, peaceful coexistence, and a firm believer in social change. I wasn’t about to be defeated by fear, anguish, anger, sadness and despair. As a person who believes in non-violence for all, I choose to take action, even if it seems small on a day like today. It is a starting point.

I found this pledge you see in the image below, from the Institute for Justice Peace. We can start taking a step towards non-violence for all within our families, we can pledged to teach our children these principles, and start shaping the society of tomorrow. I will take this pledge with my family, and I invite you to do the same. We can have a ripple effect, and do it within our churches, schools, sports teams, and our communities in general. We can all educate and get educated in a culture of peace.


Another way in which I want to ignite change and advocate for non-violence for all and use my social media influence to ignite people into action, non-violent action. So, I will be sharing some quotes from two great men who fought injustice with peaceful protest, Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I invite you to help me in sharing and spreading the word, and use the inspiration to think of what else can each of one of us do to ignite peaceful resolution.

Please share, tweet, re-tweet, and like on your social channels. Let’s make our voices heard. Let’s show that we are not going to be defeated by violence. Let’s grow stronger, united as Americans, for a better society for our children.


“Non-violence is directed against forces of evil rather than against persons who happen to be doing the evil. It is evil that the non-violent resister seeks to defeat, not the persons victimized by evil.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall — think of it, always!” ― Mahatma Gandhi

“There are many causes I would die for. There is not a single cause I would kill for.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

“Nonviolence is the answer to the crucial political & moral questions of our time.” ― Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

“Nonviolence is a powerful and just weapon, which cuts without wounding and ennobles the man who wields it. It is a sword that heals.” ― Martin Luther King, Jr.

“At the center of non-violence stands the principle of love” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

“Liberty and democracy become unholy when their hands are dyed red with innocent blood.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” ― Martin Luther King, Jr.


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