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About “American Latinos: Shaping The New Multicultural America”

Although American Latinos navigate two or more cultures with gusto and a resilient spirit, there are challenges that come with preserving such cultural richness and being a part of the multicultural revolution happening in America today. That’s why this book exists, to shed light on the highly misunderstood, underrepresented and undervalued American Latino community.

In this e-book, you will learn who the American Latinos are as I debunk myths and give you the facts; what is multiculturalism and how American Latinos are at the forefront of the multicultural shift in America, and how the ever-present use of Spanish is changing the perception of bilingualism in the United States.

With this book, you will also…

  • Know who American Latinos are through real-life stories
  • Understand the similarities of American-born Latinos with any other American-born group
  • Get a glimpse into the reality of our minority majority nation and why we need a multicultural approach to this reality
  • Be encourage to learn a second language as I highlight the benefits of bilingualism for the United States
  • Learn about the real unifying power of bilingualism and how it is key to creating more understanding among Americans
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