La Familia Cool

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Living life to its coolest!

La Familia Cool is a Latino family composed of five main characters MamiCool, PapiCool, AbueCool, AbiCool, TitoCool and PepeCool. The siblings, live adventures and experience with Latin foods, history and culture along with their cousins: TonyCool, SiSyCool, KikeCool, LoliCool, PattyCool, MayaCool and BetoCool.

The members of La Familia Cool share the interesting things and facts about Latin culture and the life of US born Latinos. Why are they Cool? Because they are bilingual, multicultural, multiracial, and they love all things Latino and also all things American.

La Familia Cool represents the Latino family in the United States, with its variety of colors, customs and gastronomy. La Familia Cool tells the story of the Cools, a close-knit nuclear family which is also very close to the extended family in which sons and daughters along with nieces and nephews share a bond characteristic to Hispanic families.

The characters of the family are multiethnic, multicultural and bilingual, and the children are first generation American, with origins that link them to different countries of Latin America. The main members of La Familia Cool are: MamiCool, PapiCool, AbiCool, TitoCool, PepeCool and AbueCool, they live together and are always doing family activities.

However, like all Latino families, La Familia Cool is also part of an extended family and the relationship among the cousins: SisyCool, TonyCool, LoliCool, KikeCool, PattyCool, MayaCool and BetoCool. All of them learn from one another and the particular characteristics of their parent’s countries origin. The children are all first generation American and very proud of their Latino heritage, about which they always like to learn. We hope you enjoy all we have here for you. Welcome!


Meet #LosCools


MamiCool Cartoon -Round-2


MamiCool is AbiCool and TitoCool’s mom. She is Dominican and loves to prepare foods and desserts that remind her of her homeland. She also loves merengue, live colors and reading stories to her NiñosCool.

PapiCool Cartoon-Round


PapiCool is AbiCool and TitoCool’s dad. He is Puertorrican and is fascinated by everything Caribbean. Along with MamiCool they explore the coincidences and differences among their countries and teach their children, the NiñosCool, the beauty of being Caribbean. PapiCool loves fixing cars and enjoys watching car races.

AbueCool Cartoon-Round


AbuelitaCool is the grandmother of all the NiñosCool. She is originally from Argentina. She has lived in five different cities of the world and speaks four languages. She loves international cuisine and baking. From her kitchen come out the most delicious creations any kid has ever taste. See why she is a really cool grandma?

AbiCool Cartoon-Round


AbiCool is friendly and intelligent. Her favorite color is red and she loves to eat fried plantains with chicken and avocado. She likes dancing; singing, and playing hide and seek. Her coolest quality: she loves sharing with others.

TitoCool Cartoon-Round


TitoCool loves dancing, he has the Caribbean rhythm in his blood. He is mischievous and playful, plus he has a great heart. His favorite color, like his daddy, is green. His coolest quality: he is always ready to give a smile.

PepeCool Cartoon-Round


PepeCool es divertido y amistoso, adora jugar con sus hermanos y es muy parlanchín. Le encanta correr y echar carreras y jugar con carritos. Su color favorito es el azul. Su cualidad más cool: regala los mejores abrazos.

Amigo Cartoon-Round


AmigoCool es el perro de la familia y como su nombre lo indica es el mejor amigo de todos. Le encanta comer y que lo lleven al parque para divertirse correteando a los niños por todos lados.