A Year Of Adventure, Laughter And Bliss #TheYearOf40

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Someone once told me that mid-age gives you a sense of newfound wisdom and I guess writing this series I have been searching for that, for the development I have experienced during these four decades of life. For this one, however, what I could reminisce on was the experiences, realizing this was a year of adventure in which I traveled, laughed, spent countless hours with friends and enjoyed that young love with the one I chose to share my life with.

One of the reasons I felt so good in 2008 is because is the healthiest I have been since living in the United States. I was working out consistently, eating healthy and feeling awesome about life. That summer I was out a lot with my husband and friends, and we took mini trips and a very special one to Montreal. It was a year of adventure and wonder, witnessing how my life was unfolding and living truly in the present moment.

In June, my husband and I took a mini-vacation to Montreal to watch the Formula 1 and it was one of the greatest trips I’ve taken. I had visited Montreal 4 years earlier with a group while covering a story for the newspaper I worked. This time I got to see different parts of the city, but most importantly, we experienced the amazing vibe that the Formula 1 weekend brings to this beautiful city.

The hundreds of people walking towards their seats each day, made the city come to life at night: concerts, exhibits, and bars with all the speed fans full of adrenaline from the day. It made a year of adventure feel even more exhilarating, it made me feel a kind of freedom I hadn’t experienced before, the one you feel when you have a partner to accompany you on your life’s journey, someone to be free with.

Ending A Year Of Adventure By Starting The Greatest Adventure Yet

Because young love can conquer anything, and because being free together is a whole new level of freedom, the natural next step for us was to want more company to share our lives with. Meanwhile, we kept having fun and seizing life how we knew best, and of course, loving each other and our time with friends and family. Like any young couple, we started to fantasize about our lives as parents in the near future, we were eager, happy, and clueless about what the journey will bring.

Being a mom is something I knew I wanted to do since I was a little girl. In September, after being married for 3 years and enjoying life on our own, we were ready to embark on a year of adventure, just a different kind of adventure: getting pregnant. And we did! After just three months of trying, in December I realized I hadn’t seen my period as expected and decided to buy a pregnancy test.

It was the best news of the holidays, we were indeed pregnant. And the greatest adventure of my life had just begun.


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