9 Ways Multicultural Education Can Make The US Better

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There is not a single formula for creating social change, as it has to be a multilevel approach. However, I’m a big believer that education is one key component to improve society and to that extent, there are many different ways in which multicultural education can make the US better. It is time that all children feel they are acknowledged in a positive way inside the classroom, and that they experience an environment where cultural pluralism is the norm.


Achieving a multicultural approach to education at all levels is not a commodity but a right the diverse population entering the classrooms each day deserves. Fostering a multicultural environment helps reduce the fear of the unknown making what could seem foreign into something you know. Even if you cannot relate to a different cultural background, you can learn to respect those differences.

In order to convince lawmakers that multicultural education can make the US better we need to have the conversations at all levels of society. While progress has been made with inclusion in some areas, others, like education, are still lacking a proper integration and a comprehensive approach that validates the background and customs of diverse students. There are many factors that come into play to create a healthy multicultural environment and we must work to make it happen, starting in schools.

Students and society will benefit for a more integral approach to education.


9 Ways Multicultural Education Can Make The US Better

  1. It creates awareness and understanding of the cultures, languages and traditions of others

  2. It gives students a world vision and the aspirations of creating a plural society based on respect and appreciation of others

  3. Promotes the learning of at least second language (other than English) for all students as a way of creating a global mentality and better opportunities for them moving forward

  4. Helps in the integration of the student body avoiding self-segregation and reducing racial tension

  5. Encourages academic achievement for everyone by leveling expectations instead of expecting less of minority groups

  6. It will reduce minority dropouts, yielding a better prepared workforce for years to come

  7. Through expanding the students visions, it teaches them how racism hurts everyone by creating hatred and violence

  8. It will help educate against racism and stereotypical views and actions

  9. Works as a source of empowerment for all children in the classroom and translates into society itself by creating alliances and common goals


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