One of my favorite quotes is from Oscar de la Renta, “My great strength is knowing who I am and where I come from— my island.” As an immigrant from the Dominican Republic, like de la Renta, I have found great strength in having a sense of belonging and pride of the island I come from. Once I had my daughter, the oldest of my three American-born children, I started to question if she would ever feel the same way about her country.

That’s why I’m so passionate about helping create a multicultural society in which my children, and all American children, can feel that they matter; a country in which all children can feel that they belong. My first children’s book, “La Familia Cool: The Most Valuable Treasure/El Tesoro Más Valioso”, is a bilingual story to teach kids about celebrating diversity, family values and identity. 

I speak for schools, meetup groups, networking groups, universities, community organizations and associations. 

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My Top 3 Keynote Speeches and Interview Topics


American Latinos: The Unseen New Face Of America

If you follow any kind of media in the United States is easy to notice that Latinos are mainly portrait, shown and discussed in a negative light or simply not mentioned at all. I have experienced first hand how powerful the Latino community is, yet ‘mainstream’ media continues to ignore them it while brands cannot get enough of them.

Find out what are the stakes if American Latinos continue to be ignored

Understand why the growing Latino numbers matter to all Americans

Learn how empowered Latinos are making an impact across America


Raising Multicultural Children in a Black & White World

As an immigrant from Latin America, Dania has adopted the American lifestyle and feels grateful to the country that has adopted her. However, she can never shake the longing for her homeland, the place where she completely belongs. With that in mind, she has set out to provide for her children the same sense of belonging, of knowing your country is like your home, where you always have a place at the table.   

Learn why acknowledging your children as Americans is important 

Find out how you can balance your traditions and values while allowing children to experience American culture

Understand the value of raising multicultural children


Harnessing The Power Of Bilingualism For The America Of The Future

As a person who immigrated to this country, and who has adopted the American lifestyle and culture, Dania can attest to the value of bilingualism. Without being able to speak the language, she says, her journey in this country would have been very different, since she would not have had all the opportunities that have been available to her. Moreover, the old notion that speaking another language is a betrayal to the United States, that it is un-American, couldn’t be further from the truth. In this talk, she teaches how we can, as a country, harness the power of bilingualism to shape the future of the United States.

Get the facts about the multiple benefits of bilingualism in terms of brain development

Find out what is the true dollar value of being bilingual and the impact it can have in the US economy

Learn about the unifying power of bilingualism and it can not only be a global connector but also a way to unify multicultural America



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